Jaime Nicole

Founder of Jay Nicole Beauty Supply

Hey Love! My name is Jaime Nicole and I would like to be the first to welcome you to Jay Nicole Beauty Supply! Jay Nicole Beauty was founded February 12, 2018, I created this brand to inspire men and women to love themselves, no matter the shape, skin tone, hair type, height, weight, or any other category. I create and sell both hair and skin products to maintain and enhance your natural beauty. I appreciate you visiting the website and encourage you to subscribe! 



Our mission is to empower men and women to feel naturally beautiful with Jay Nicole’s natural products. We believe that all men and women are beautiful and create natural products to reveal and enhance the beauty that we all possess. Our products are created to make you feel beautiful from the inside out and build a foundation of self-love and confidence that cannot be destroyed. Indulge in your NATURAL BEAUTY with Jay Nicole Beauty!


"He has made everything BEAUTIFUL !"

Ecclesiastes 3:11 




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