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Jazzy's Boogie Down Bronx Beard Oil

Jazzy's Boogie Down Bronx Beard Oil


Kings, Jazzy's Boogie Down Bronx Beard Oil is the perfect blend of herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils that will help you grow and maintain your best beard. Apply 3 times a week & be sure to follow up with a massage to stimulate growth and wake up your follicles. Fellas, you can also use this in your hair for growth and moisture! 





-Aids in beard growth

-Helps with an itchy beard

-Helps with bumps and discomfort on the face 

-Makes beard stronger

-Adds shine

-Adds moisture

-Balances pH of beard



Important Ingredients:  Included, but not limited to


Olive oil- an excellent source of antioxidants (helps you maintain a healthy scalp)

Apricot oil- stimulates hair growth, retains moisture into the scalp, helps itchy beard

Black castor oil- thickens hair, increases blood flow, prevents breakage, eczema, alopecia, dry scalp, and itchy scalp

Ylang Ylang-treats hair loss, helps reduce scalp inflammation, unclogs scalp, repels lice, aids in the production of sebum

Fenugreek seeds- energizes hair follicles, protein-packed to fight balding, high in Vitamin C, reverse hair damage including split ends, dandruff  fighter, frizz aid

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