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Jazzy's Billionaire Body Oil

Jazzy's Billionaire Body Oil


Jazzy's Billionaire Body Oil is the perfect mix of oils, essential oils & fragrances to make you look and smell like Money!  With clean hands, apply 2 or 3 pumps of oil into your palm, rub together, and apply oil all over the body to moisturize your skin and give you a natural glow! Many use this oil in place of lotion! Grab your Billionaire Body Oil today! This oil pairs perfectly with Jazzy's Billionaire Body Scrub, this combination is sure to make your significant other crave you and your Billionaire body! Don't miss out fellas! Grab yours today!


Ingredients Include (But are not limited to):

-Sunflower Oil

-Olive oil

-Grapeseed Oil

-Jay's Proprietary blend of essential oils



-Moisturizes skin

-Adds a natural glow

-Fights acne

-Contains vitamin E, A & C


-Protects from sun damage


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