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Jay's Jojoba Oil   (4oz)

Jay's Jojoba Oil (4oz)


Jay's Jojoba is pure, natural & unrefined! This high-quality oil can be used on all parts of the body, hair & even face!


Benefits for hair:

-rich in vitamins & minerals (including vitamin B,C,E, copper & zinc)

-moisturizes scalp 

-acts as a dandruff remedy

-protects hair from breakage, dryness & split ends

-helps stop balding


Benefits for body/skin/face:


-soothes eczema, psoriasis, drying,& itching


-aids in collagen production

-Long-lasting moisture

-soothes sunburn

-Antimicrobial (helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin)

-Improves the healing of wounds

-Improves the appearance of skin blemishes

-Aids in the removal of stretch marks



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