Jay Nicole's Aloe Rose Facial Spray 4oz

Jay Nicole's Aloe Rose Facial Spray 4oz

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Jay Nicole's Aloe Rose Facial Spray is an amazing facial toner, this toner combines the power of rose water, rosehip, and aloe vera! This toner should be used on a clean face daily and followed by a good face moisturizer. 


Directions:  After cleansing your face with Jay Nicole's African Soap Paste, spay an even amount all over your face to close your pores and provide nourishment to the skin! Be sure to follow with a good face moisturizer!




Rose Water:

-High in vitamins A,C,D,E,B3


-Help to treat burns

-Acne Prevention

-Helps maintain the pH of the skin

-Hydrates skin


-Evens out skin tone

-Firms skin

-Fades scars

-Treats wrinkles

-Brightens skin

Aloe Vera:

-Soothes the skin

-Helps retain moisture 

-Evens out skin tone

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