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Lovely Intimate Drops

Lovely Intimate Drops


What a beauty! Our As Above So Below Hair & Body Oil is a 3in1 Miracle! This oil can be used for hair, skin & even your intimate areas!! This oil combines natural, essential oils, Jasmine, Rose, Amaranth & more!


Read below for more information!

Hair Benefits: Aids in hair growth when applied to the scalp Strengthens Keratin in hair Reduces breakage & split ends Moisturizes strands and scalp Emollient (fills gaps in your hair) Gives hair a softer texture when used regularly Treats dandruff & flaky scalp Prevents Baldness Strengthens hair follicles


Skin Benefits: Repairs dry & damaged skin Softens skin Heals eczema High in Omega 3 Improves skin texture & tone Removes Dark Marks Intimate/Vaginal Benefits: Rehydrates vaginal walls Restores natural balance Relieves itch Antibacterial Antifungal Anti-inflammatory

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