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Complexion Resurrection Trio Bundle

Complexion Resurrection Trio Bundle



This bundle includes :

-50ml foaming face wash  (travel size) 

-4oz Rose Water 

-4oz Hibiscus Rose Moisturizer 



Mask Acne?!?

Don’t worry that’s our specialty!!!

Your help is 3 steps away!!!!!


1: Foaming wash/ cleanser


2: Aloe Rose Facial spray


3: Oil moisturizer (3 options)


Step 1: Cleanse with our foaming face wash

- All Natural

-For all skin types

-Safe for children/babies

-Sensitive skin approved


(available in full size and travel size)



Step 2: Hydrate & Replenish Moisture! With our best selling Aloe Rose Facial Spray!!


-Evens out skin tone

-Eliminates dark marks

-Hydrates the face (and hair)

-Leaves your skin soft to the touch!


-Safe for all skin types!

- Sensitive skin approved


Step 3: Moisturize with one of our 3 moisture oils !!!

1) Hibiscus Rose Face Moisturizer (Bestseller)

-For dry & oily skin!

-A little goes a long way!

-Gives a natural shine

-Leaves skin soft to the touch


2) Rice Bran Oil (cheaper option)

-For oily skin!

-Infused with Rosemary & Lemongrass


-Moisturizes and adds a natural shine

- A little goes a long way



3) Hemp seed oil (cheaper option)


Read Benefits below:

-Anti-acne treatment

-Improves eczema symptoms

-Contains omega-3 fatty acids

-Aids in the treatment of psoriasis

-Contains anti-aging properties

-Natural Moisturizer

-Strengthens nails

-Repairs skin tissue

-Increases blood circulation

-Dramatically decreases skin dryness

-Alleviates itching and irritation

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