Complexion Ressurection Hand & Body Salve

Complexion Ressurection Hand & Body Salve

Jay Nicole's Complexion Resurrection Hand & Bosy Salve is designed for dry skin and those that have eczema and/or Psoriasis. Jay has blended the perfect mix of ingredients that are sure to soothe your beautiful skin and give you Complexion Resurrection!  This moisturizer is a dry skin healer and is wonderful for those cold winter months with freezing temperatures & cold air! TOP Ingredient = Mango Butter:Mango Butter Contains 	Vitamin A	Calcium	Vitamin C	Folate	Vitamin B6	Iron	Vitamin E	Potassium	Magnesium	Zinc Benefits of this butter	softens skin	adds a protective layer to the skin	heals wounds 	gets rid of dark marks	evens skin tone	Prevents flare ups Ingredients :Including, but not limited to👇🏿	Mango butter	 Vitamin E	Castor oil	 Jojoba Oil	Sunflower oil	 Avocado oil	 slippery elm bark	vegetable glycerine	lemongrass	lemon & Orange	Honey
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