One Inch At A Time #1 Growth Oil (4oz)

One Inch At A Time #1 Growth Oil (4oz)

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Jay Nicole's One Inch At A Time #1 Growth Oil
 is a very high-quality oil infused with Indian herbs that promote hair growth!  This oil blend is extremely potent, the herbs and oils marinate for days/weeks at a time before extracting the oils into the bottles that they are sold in! You will be able to see how thick and nourished that the oil is, and can even see herb residue at the bottom of the bottle! This oil is 100% natural and will be of great service to your hair growth journey. This oil is purposely named "One Inch At A Time" this is there to remind you that you CAN & WILL reach your hair goals, just remember that you are beautiful and your hair is beautiful at the length that it is at! Consistency & patience will be the greatest aid to your journey, you will get there love, ONE INCH AT A TIME! ENJOY THE JOURNEY!
Important Ingredients:

Olive oil- an excellent source of antioxidants (helps you maintain a healthy scalp)
Apricot oil- stimulates hair growth, retains moisture into the scalp
Black castor oil- thickens hair, increases blood flow, prevents breakage, eczema, alopecia, dry scalp, and itchy scalp
Ylang Ylang-treats hair loss, helps reduce scalp inflammation, unclogs scalp, repels lice, aids in the production of sebum
Fenugreek seeds- energizes hair follicles, protein-packed to fight balding, high in Vitamin C, reverse hair damage including split ends, dandruff  fighter, frizz aid
Shikakai - high in Vitamins C,K,D,E & A, nourishes hair, cleanses the scalp, protects the scalp from fungi & bacteria, strengthens hair roots
Brahmi- protects hair, natural conditioner, aids in removing dandruff, mends & prevents split ends, strengthens hair follicles to regrow hair & prevent future hair loss, prevents itchy scalp
Amla- increases blood flow, produces collagen protein, increases hair length & volume




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