Elegant Indulgence Body Scrub

Elegant Indulgence Body Scrub


Jay Loves! This Elegant Indulgence Body Scrub is the best duo you will find in a body scrub, this scrub is a mix of our Jay Sugar Body Scrub & Blue Agave Body Scrub! Therefore you are getting the benefits of both scrubs in one! Two scrubs, two scents, Two powerful sets of Ingredients, ONE PRICE !





- Aids in the removal of dead skin

- Softens skin

-Adds shine to applied areas

-Brighten skin

-Fight in skin aging

-Detoxifies the skin

-Minerals in sugar aid in preventing toxins in the skin 


What Does Agave Do?

  • Adds loads of hydration to the skin/body
  • Fights Bacteria
  • Reduces Inflammation & Irritation 
  • Keeps skin soothed & Youthful 
  • Helps heal acne, rosacea, and overall skin redness
  • Evens out skin tone


Where can I use this scrub?

 This scrub was designed to be used all over the body but is not advised to be used on the face if you have sensitive skin. This scrub may be used on the lips to soften them and remove dead layers of skin! Our clients have felt immediate results after one use of this scrub on their body & lips! Be sure to purchase yours today!




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