Eden Hair & Body Oil Large 9oz

Eden Hair & Body Oil Large 9oz

Eden- A place of pristine & NATURAL BEAUTY! 

Our Eden oil is paradise for your hair! This oil has an AMAZING tropical fruity scent with loads of benefits for your hair, locs, braids etc! Simply moisturize your hair and add this oil to seal in moisture which will help your hair stay moisturized for longer than usual! It will also add healthy natural shine! Do you hate when you add gel to your hair and it makes your hair hard? Simply add this oil after your gel and scrunch the crunch! Oh need to add some natural shine to your skin? Apply a small amount of this oil for a natural glow! 

Hair Benefits & Uses:
-Strengthens strands
-Seals in moisture
-Can Be used as a hot oil treatment
-Adds shine
-Acts as an Antioxidant

Skin Benefits & Uses: 
-Lightens Dark Marks over time 
-Adds a healthy & natural glow to your skin
-Softens skin
-Can be used after shaving to prevent razor bumps 
-Can be used after showers to moisturize skin
-Can be used in the shower as shower lotion 




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